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Power Training to Re-Enforce

So, you leave the training, it was great, the best course you have ever been on, and go back to your desks. The course was all about planning to be successful, taking time out to plan how you will beat the competition. As you sit there thinking about how you will change your behaviour, your sales manager comes up to you.
"What do you think you are doing?" he says
"Thinking" you reply
and then he utters the famous reply
"You're not paid to think, get on the phone!"

Yes, its a joke, but it has also actually happened. Nothing will change unless the ideas are re-enforced through management behaviours. We wrestled with how to do this for some time and came up with the answer
"Kill two birds with one stone".
Get the sales managers to do the re-enforcement. Get them to run short, sharp re-enforcement sessions at weekly intervals.

This is the idea behind "Power Hours". Low-cost, in terms of both time and materials, but very powerful sessions. The sales managers, as part of their debrief on the original sales training, can be trained by the workshop facilitators on how to deliver the power sessions. Obviously, these sessions are program specific, and so, are designed to suit the material and the sales managers who are delivering them.

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