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No Sales Engagement

A technique that we have used on some training courses, is to ask each participant to write anonymously on a post-it the following information

  • How well do you understand the need for this course.
  • How positive are you about attending the course
  • For each point, score 1-10, 1 being no understanding - not positive and 10 being full understanding - totally positive.
  • For example - understanding 4, positive 3

We then create a scatter diagram on a flip chart, divide the diagram into 4 quadrants, and look at the result. What percentage of results do you think appear in the top right quadrant (good understanding and positive)? If you said less than 20% for most course, sadly you would be right.

This comes down to communication. Have your sales people been sent a crisp, precise email summarizing the need for change, why they are on the course, how it will benefit them and the business, any pre-work they need to do, and what the expected outcomes (changes) will be. If this comes from the executive sponsor, so much the better.

Too many training courses are run with sales people attending who have little idea why they are there, and even less interest in being there.

Please see The way forward for a better approach to sales training.

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