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What customers want to see in your sales people

Have you ever put yourself in your customers' shoes? What attributes would you like to see in people you do business with? Again, the ideas below is based on our experience, and they happen to form a memorable acronym IKEA

  • Integrity - does this sales person display the level of honesty and reliability that gives me confidence to buy from them.
  • Knowledge - do they possess the knowledge expected of them in the following areas:
    • Their company - history, philosophy, culture, strategy, processes, people.
    • The market - general market and business drivers, my company's specific vertical market issues.
    • Their products/services - high level benefits linked to my own company's business drivers and issues.
    • The competitive landscape.
    • My company - see empathy.
    • Technology - not at a detailed technical level, but a broad understanding of technologies from a business perspective.
  • Empathy - "before I care how much you know, I want to know how much you care." Does this sales person see me as unique, and have they taken the time to do the research
  • Authority - when things go wrong with the project, since they normally do, will this person have the authority within their company to get the problems sorted out quickly.

The list is not complete and varies from organization to organization, but many of the common concerns we hear are listed there.

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